When and why did you develop an interest in riding a motorcycle? My dad always had Honda C90s for commuting, and also I grew up watching Carl Foggarty winning championships

How old were you when you first rode a bike? I got a Honda Vision 50 at the age of 16.

Of the bikes you’ve ever owned which was your favourite if you had one? I have loved all the bikes I’ve owned, the BMW GSA is a fantastic bike and has grown my confidence, but my favourite is my KTM 450exc – the bike has taken me to a new level of love for motorbiking, not to mention locations to ride.

If you were given the opportunity to own any bike on the market which would it be? I would buy an ex-Dakar KTM rally bike

What is your favourite motorcycle gadget? Best thing I’ve bought is a tank bag – makes touring so easy having all the important things to hand.

Where is your preferred place to ride in the UK? This ones tough having been to many national parks, but North Wales is great and just tops Yorkshire and The Peaks.

And Abroad? The Alps are fantastic and the Vercors are great fun.

If you were offered the opportunity to go on an extended bike tour, who family members aside who would you choose as a riding companion? This one’s easy – Austin Vince, Writer of Mondo Enduro. There’d be plenty of stories.

How would you describe to a non-rider the attraction of riding a bike as opposed to driving a car? In a car you travel, on a bike you travel with the environment around you feeling more connected, be it sound, sight or smell.

When do you intend to give up riding? Never

Describe your scariest moment on your bike: This would be from competing at the British Rally Championship in 2022. One down hill section I couldn’t master – big ruts, very steep, leading to an off camber right hairpin. I crashed every lap what ever I did, all this just to pick the bike up and try to climb the big hill after.