Anyone joining EAMG will be aware that they will be assigned to an observer who will take them on training rides. What they might not know is how many other activities they can be involved in within EAMG.

No matter what your level of riding, whether just starting on your advanced riding journey or you have years of experience and training, we have a multitude of activities for you. Naturally most of these activities involve riding as that is our common bond so we have a variety of social and training riding events.

We also have a variety of social events that do not require you to be on a motorcycle. Events such as our Group Night are a great opportunity to bring along friends or family.

The slides below illustrate the various activities available to Associate Members and Full Members. The final slide illustrates the available activities for Full Members who chose to do further training.

You can see from the slide what variety of rides, training and social events are available for all members of EAMG.

Obviously none of these things happen without the dedication of our Committee and Training Team and of course, joining one of these teams is an option open to members.

All members are eligible to join the Committee so if you are interested in assisting with the organisation and running of EAMG, speak to any Committee member about it at Group Night.

You may aspire to being an EAMG Observer. The minimum requirement for an Observer is to hold a RoSPA Gold test pass but even if you haven’t yet attained that you can talk to one of the Training Team and start planning your journey to becoming an Observer.