Current bikes: My all-round bike is a KTM 1290 Adventure S. The bike I use for observed rides is a V-strom 650. I also have a KTM 300 TP for green laning and a classic Yamaha DT175 that I am restoring.

If you were given the opportunity to own any bike on the market which would it be? Ducati Panigale V4.

Where is your preferred place to ride in the UK? Any area that has nice flowing roads with little traffic or villages.

And abroad? Italy, Germany and Austria.

What got you interested in motorcycling? Motorcycling is in my blood. When I was born my dad picked us up from the hospital on a motorbike and sidecar. I always had a passion for motorcycles. If any of my friends had a bike, I would be there riding over the fields which you could get away with in the 1970’s. On my 16th birthday I bought a brand new Fizzy (Yamaha RD50) for £199. It was on HP at £10 a month for two years but was stolen after six months!

If you were offered the opportunity to go on an extended bike tour, who family members aside who would you choose as a riding companion? I enjoy riding with anybody who has a passion for motorcycling and who enjoys a laugh when not on the bikes. On or off roading. I’ve made some great friends over the years through motorcycling.

Why did you become an Observer? When I look back over the years, I had many near misses and mainly through good luck, I got away with it. By becoming an Observer, I can put something back into motorcycling and demonstrate that advanced riding isn’t just about boring old farts with a clip board and no sense of humour. If I can help others to be safer riders, they will hopefully enjoy motorcycling more and make some great friends at the same time.

What was your scariest moment on a bike? Many years ago, after watching Carl Fogarty in World Superbikes on television I went out for a ride on my RD350 YPVS. I was riding like an idiot and got away with a couple of near misses, ending up on the wrong side of the road.
My luck ran out at Goldhangar. I was doing about 70mph and looking at my rev counter whilst heading for a sharp left hand bend. I went straight across the road, just missing a car and flew over a three foot high grass bank. I must have looked like Steve McQueen doing his jump (or maybe not). I crashed in the field but luckily wasn’t badly hurt. The guy I just missed came to see if I was alright. I was just very embarrassed and admitted I had just got it all wrong! He must have thought I was an idiot and he was right. The farmer was also in the field on his tractor watching me pick up broken bits of fairing and stuff them in my jacket before riding out of the field. Very embarrassing. That was in about 1993 and was my last accident on the road.

Anything else you would like to say? I would like to say a big thank you to Richard Parker for Observing me though advanced training when I joined EAMG. Then later, giving up more of his valuable time to train me as an Observer.