When and why did you develop an interest in riding a motorcycle? Being half French I was riding mopeds age 12, then Off road 125cc on the farm (yeh right) and it was an immediate addiction.

How old were you when you first rode a bike? Bike with gear change started aged 12.

What was the bike and what were the circumstances? It was an awesome bike called an Ossa Phantom, would loop the loop in first gear, I borrowed it from my dads friend, and I never wanted to give it back.

Of the bikes you’ve owned to date, which was the favourite, if there was one? There is no clear favourite. I loved my CBX for its acceleration and noise. My GS750 was an awesome allrounder, while a dispatch rider anything that started was good. But I do have a love affair with Ducati, seems to fit my way of thinking.

If you were given the opportunity to own any bike on the market which would it be? Come on that’s not fair, in a perfect world you’re needing 3 bikes, a bloody awesome road bike, Panigale?? a great allrounder a la Multistrada. and a bike for FUN say KTM 690.

What is your favourite motorcycle related gadget? Has to be heated handlebar grips.

Where is your preferred place to ride in the UK? Wales.

And, overseas? France.

If you were offered the opportunity to go on an extended bike tour who, family members aside, who would you choose as a riding companion? Very few qualify, and if they read this they already know who they are, we traditionally go away every year for the past 10 years.

How would you describe to a non-rider the attraction of riding a bike as opposed to driving a car? That riding a bike makes you feel happy to be alive, even if commuting, when I ride along the Thames by bike it is far more interesting and involving than doing the same by car. On a bike you are closer to nature, feeling the breeze and catching the odours both good and foul.

When do you intend to give up riding? When my eyesight is worse than Stevie Wonder.

Describe your scariest moment on your bike: There have been a few, but I think when I crashed my GPZ900R at 3 figure speeds I quite rightly thought I was just about to meet my maker. I had just had the bike serviced, and it was now fully run in, so time to ring it’s neck . I was flat out in 4th gear and thought I would leave the braking very late for the roundabout ahead. Then applied full on brakes, only for the front fork seals to blow and gush oil all over the front disks. The front brakes then heated up and came on fully, locking up and throwing me over the bars in the process. The speedo was stuck on 110 when it hit the deck. I was knocked out for a few moments, and when I came around I was convinced I was dead, but confused because being dead seemed the same as being alive, then I sussed I had survived. Naturally this happened a very long time ago, and I can safely say that thanks to EAMG I enjoy my riding more than ever, without ever having to ride like that again!!!