When and why did you develop an interest in riding a motorcycle? I had always been interested in cars and bikes, and could pretty much identify a car, make and model from the engine and exhaust note from my bedroom window. These were the days when they were mostly Fords, Vauxhalls, Datsuns and Morris. I then moved onto bikes but mainly through watching racing. Kickstart was also a favourite.

How old were you when you first rode a bike? I was 12 or 13 I think.

What was the bike and what were the circumstances? My Dad had a Honda C70 which I used ride around the garden on. The garden was very small and to be fair I came off it a few times, normally into my Mums flowerbed.  He them progressed onto a Suzuki X7 and we were fortunate to live a short distance from a new housing estate where they built the main road first, so we had a 2 mile road which was not open. We would go there a couple of evenings a week. Great fun

Of the bikes you’ve owned to date, which was the favourite, if there was one? I have enjoyed all the bikes I have owned. I started with Triumph Thruxton 900, then went to the 1200.  The BMW S1000R was great fun, but my current one KTM Superduke GT is awesome for a do it all bike. 

If you were given the opportunity to own any bike on the market which would it be? I did take the new Multistrada out the other day which was a lovely bike. I did like the look of the the Pikes Peak version as well. 

What is your favourite motorcycle related gadget? Heated Grips.  Life changing.

Where is your preferred place to ride in the UK? We are very fortunate here with access to some great roads in Essex and Suffolk.

And, overseas? I have not been on a bike, but would like to go to the Alps, France, Switzerland and Austria

If you were offered the opportunity to go on an extended bike tour who, family members aside, who would you choose as a riding companion? We have some great riders in the Training team, and really enjoy the Peer to peer rides, so any of those guys.  I think John Mcguiness would be good fun to be around as well. I should also mention my Wife as she is riding now, and keep talking about a bike tour (Family Member, I know!!!)

How would you describe to a non-rider the attraction of riding a bike as opposed to driving a car? I find that it really helps you to relax and clear the mind of other things going on. You become so focussed on your surroundings and your ride. The acceleration and power of these bikes now is something that most people would find hard to believe.

When do you intend to give up riding? Long time yet!!

Describe your most embarrassing and scariest moment on your bike! The most embarrassing was on a full member ride. I was riding my BMW which after about 100 miles would always give me some aches and pains in my legs. We were going into a garage for a fuel stop, and in my desperation to get off the bike, I didn’t put the stand down. The bike went past the point of no return, and despite my best efforts, I put it down on the floor, like a kid used to do with a BMX outside a sweet shop. Thank fully a couple of sharp eyed riders saw what was happening and almost picked the bike up before it hot the ground, whilst I was busy hopping around the forecourt with a pulled hamstring.
The scariest was something I look back on now, rather than being scared at the time.  A mate and I hired a 250 Yamaha, scrambler in Majorca when we were 18.  They gave us helmets, but we discarded these back at the hotel as soon as we could, and then carried on around the island in shorts, flip flops, and vests for 2 days, with no thought of coming off. We weren’t very good at riding either and took far too many risks.